As wine improves with age, its location during its years of maturation has a great bearing on the condition and long term assessment of the wine, particularly in regards to its ultimate value.

What is Provenance? With wine it refers to the ability to authenticate the ownership and/or transactional history of a wine or its historical location.


Wine can be easily damaged from incorrect storage conditions both during the maturation process and during transport. Unfortunately the first time damage to wine from incorrect storage practices is discovered is when the bottle is opened and too late.

Bottles of aged wine that are transacted in Australia rarely have an irrefutable climate controlled storage history. Buyers of aged wine generally haven’t had a reliable means by which to verify the storage conditions of a wine…. until now


Wine Ark has been in the business of protecting our customers fine wine in our state of the art climate controlled storage facilities for over 13 years. Over that time we have developed a wealth of expertise in storing and managing fine wine and with this experience comes an understanding that there has been a gap in the ability of both sellers and buyers to independently confirm the provenance of aged wine with any certainty and confidence. In order to resolve this issue, Wine Ark has introduced the “Wine Ark Provenance Sticker”.


Wines that are purchased from Wine Ark that bear the Wine Ark Provenance Sticker are wines, whose storage history can be authenticated. These are wines which have been safely stored in the repository of the Wine Ark cellars from the year in which they were released from their winery of origin, or alternately wines, the provenance of which is known and has been independently verified – such as wines transported from a winery or via refrigerated container transport from overseas in relation to Bordeaux indents.

Stickers will be placed on a bottle when it has been sold through Wine Ark and its entire storage history is known. The sticker holds information as to the provenance of the bottle and the date it exited the cellar. The sticker is placed on the bottle when it exits the cellar. It is not placed on the bottle when it is reinserted into the buyers storage account. The provenance is transfered when the wine is retained in a Wine Ark managed storage account.