To view Wine Arks Managed Storage Terms and Conditions and Insurance PDS please visit this link.

Managed Storage Questions

Can I get wine sent directly to Wine Ark to be placed in my cellar?

Yes you can. If you are a managed client then the wine is receipted, inspected, catalogued and uploaded into your online inventory. If you are a vault client we will hold the wine for you for four weeks. You will also be sent an email to let you know it is ready for collection. If your vault case is held for longer than four weeks, it will be placed into managed storage and you will be charged the appropriate fees.

Do I need to make an appointment to drop off wine to add to my collection?

No, you can come down to any of our sites during operating hours to drop wine off. However you do need to have submitted any requests to withdraw wine 24 hours prior to collection.

How long does it take to have my wine catalogued?

Our standard practice is to have your wine inspected, graded, catalogued and uploaded within two weeks from receipt. Certain factors could push out this time frame, such if you had a very large and diverse collection. If this were the case, your Cellar Manager would inform you of any potential delay upon receipt.

Do you store wine in six packs or 12 bottle cases in managed storage ?

Wherever possible, we try to store your wine in 12 bottle cases. If there were two cardboard six packs, we would combine the contents to make it one case. However if your wine is stored in wood, as a lot of premium products are, then we will retain the wine in the original six pack case. We do not strap together wooden six packs for OHS issues as they are too heavy to handle safely. If your original box is not fit to cellar, we will repack it in one of our custom Wine Ark cellarage boxes and invoice you.

Can I consolidate the wines in my account?

Consolidation requests have to be made to your Cellar Manager directly. As costs are incurred in the consolidation process, we want your approval to action your account. Refunds are not given to cases that are consolidated out of the account.

Why does the email I received say “case delivery” when I have asked to collect my wine?

Case Delivery is a term that our online system uses for a “Pick”. Your wine is being “Delivered out of your account”. The instructions you submitted through your online account in the pick process are how we action the wine.

How to use your online cellar

How do I log into my cellar?

Visit the Wine Ark web site and click on the link in the top right hand side of the home page stating “Client Log In”. Use the details you provided on your storage agreement form to log in. If you have forgotten the details, please contact your Cellar Manager to reset your password once your identity has been established.

How do I search for wine by the bottle?

Once you have logged into your online account, you will be on your home page. Under the “Cellar Manager” heading, click on “Current Inventory”. The resultant page, by default, is the bottle list, sorted alphabetically. In the top right corner, you will see a green “Search Current Inventory” button, which when clicked, allows you to search your collection, sorting by Producer name, Wine Name, Variety or Vintage. Once you have chosen from one or all of the search fields, click the “Go” button to search.

How do I search for wine by the case?

Once you have logged into your online account you will be on your home page. Under the “Cellar Manager” heading, you click on “Current Inventory”. The resultant page by default lists all wines in your collection in alphabetical order, however simply click the green “List by Case” button in the top right of the screen, which will rearrange your wines into cases in order of newest in the cellar to the oldest.

How do I order wine for delivery or collection from my cellar? (see video tutorial below)

Once you have logged into your online account, you will be on your home page. Under the “Cellar Manager” heading, click on “view current inventory”. Decide whether you require a whole case pick or a bottle pick by changing the display as mentioned above. Select the wine you would like to have removed by “ticking” the square box beside the wine name. Once you have selected all the wines you would like, move to the bottom right of the page and select “Deliver”. The resultant page will then allow you to select the quantity of bottles you would like from your cellar for each wine you selected previously. Once you have made this selection, either enter the delivery address of where you would like the wine sent or just type in “Collect”. You are able to write anything in these fields. For example… “To collect this Saturday the 23rd in the morning”. The more information we have of your intentions, the better we can attend to your needs promptly.
Why is there a padlock on one of my cases?

When a case is being actioned or in the process of being entered into the account it has a padlock along side the case number to prevent the client from actioning a case until all processes have been completed. For queries contact your Cellar Manager.

Bottle Pick – Tutorial

Case Pick – Tutorial

Why is there an empty case in my cellar?

There are a number of reasons why there may be an empty case in your cellar. The main one is that we have received a case for you and it is yet to be catalogued. If you do see an empty case in your account that is not the most recent case entered, please contact your Cellar Manager to investigate.

How long does it take to get wine picked from my account?

You need to give us 24 hours notice to retrieve any wine from your managed account. Urgent requests can be made; they will attract a surcharge per case. This rate is listed on the rate card.

There is a difference in the number of bottles that I dropped off as to what is listed in my new case. It looks like I’m missing a few bottles?

This could be due to two factors. It can happen when some of the wine we received is not currently in our database. The data manager must research the wine and its origins to insert it into our database. Once the wines have been entered into our system we load them into the case within your account. This process can take a further few days.

Alternatively, the other bottles may have been placed in a existing case. Wine Ark endeavours to make the storage process an efficient one. We will try and use existing cases that may have spaces to insert new wines. In this circumstance, the original bottles would have been put into a new case and the remaining wines inserted into an existing old case which had spare spaces. Check your inventory again by the bottle to see the wine in question.

I purchased some wine and asked to collect it. Is it ready to collect?

You can check this status yourself. Please log into your online account and see if there is a case of wine with a delivery trolley beside it. If there is, this means the wine has been delivered out and awaits your collection. You will also receive a “Ready to Collect” confirmation email when wines are ready to go, so keep an eye out for that also.

Delivery Questions

How much notice do I need to give to get my wine delivered?

We require 24 hours to pick wine from your managed account. If you require the wine to be delivered we will execute the instructions you have selected on the request. Normally we would ship the wine the day after it has been picked. If this day falls on the Friday we will hold the wine in our cellars over the weekend and ship first thing Monday. We don’t like shipping wine over the weekends as we can’t guarantee the conditions where it is stored for that period of time.

Account Questions

If I remove my wine from the cellar within a month I have paid for can I get a refund?

No – any wine removed from the cellar within the month will not be due a refund. Cellarage is payable monthly.

When are my storage invoices due to be paid?

If you have a set and forget form filled out and your credit card details are in our system, then you will never have to worry about this question. If you prefer to pay via EFT or cheque, then payment is required 7 days from the issue date of the invoice. After this period a late fee is charged that is not refundable.

How can I get a copy of an invoice?

Log onto your online account and select “Invoice Manager”. This is the first link on your accounts home page. This will direct you to your Invoices page, where all your invoice history can be found to be viewed or printed as required.

Can I get a refund for moving out of my vault part way through the month?

No, Wine Ark does not offer refunds on part completed months.

Why is there an arrears component on my invoice?

Storage fees are calculated from the day a case arrives. Wine Ark invoices for the calendar month in advance on a set day. If cases are placed in storage before this day fees are calculated and charged at daily rate in arrears.

Why have I been charged a credit card surcharge on my invoice?

The surcharge is only applied to Amex cards. To avoid being charged the surcharge, you can change your credit card to a Visa or MasterCard by logging into your online account and select “view banking details”. Here you can change the credit card on file.

Can I have my credit card details on file?

Yes you are able to store your credit card details for automatic payment of due invoices. The credit cards are held securely and encrypted on the Commonwealth Bank Servers, so your data it safe. You are able to update credit card details from within your account however if you wish have us do it for you you can print out and fax back this form.

Wine Trading Questions

How do I list wine for sale from my account? See video tutorial below

This is the same process as making a delivery of wine out of your account as listed above. The only change is that you select “SELL” rather than “Deliver”. Once you have made this selection, the resultant page will allow you to select the number of bottles to sell from that case and this is also where you enter the price you wish to get for the wine pre commission.

What is your commission rate?

12.5% for both buyer and sellers. This is calculated from the price at which you list the wine for sale.

How do I decide what price to sell my wine at?

If you would like advice regarding the current secondary market please contact us at [email protected] We can guide you in the right direction and also let you know what you can expect to achieve. If we agree that the price you wish to sell the wine is at current market rates and it is of interest to our clients, then we will list the wine for sale in our monthly Back Vintage Catalogue that gets emailed to our database.

How do I know if a wine has sold?

You will receive an automated email once the transaction has been completed stating what wine was sold and at what price.

How can I tell is the wine that I’m buying is in good condition?

Once logged into your online account click on “vintage wine” on the left hand side navigation. This brings up a list of wine producing countries whose wine we have for sale. Make your selection by choosing a producer and wine. Once you arrive at the results page, you can click the “i” button beside the lot number. This will then display facts such as when the lot was listed, the date the wine was placed in storage and also the condition of the wine. The numbers reflect the conditions; 1 being the worst to 5 being the best.

What method of payment can I use to purchase wine?

Credit card only. Amex, VISA and MasterCard are accepted. You can also use any account credit you may have in your account. Please note that surcharges for AMEX apply.

How do I know if a trade I purchased from the website is ready for my collection?

Log into your online account and view your inventory. If the case is listed at the top of the list with a red delivery icon beside it, it is ready for collection.

Why is it taking longer than expected to get wine that I purchased from the Vintage Wine room?

Wine can be traded out of the majority of our sites Australia-wide. If you purchased wine that was at an interstate site, it can take time to ship the wine to your home site. We then consolidate the wine at your home site, then act on your instructions to store, deliver or have ready for your collection. This can make the process a little longer.