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NOT FOR USE WITH MODEL 11 – Ok for Model 3 and others.

The Premium Needle provides a smoother pour than the original Standard Needle, and the many-hole design pattern has been proven to greatly reduce the amount of natural cork fragments in a glass or bottle of wine. It marries the gentleness of the Vintage needle and the speed of the Fast Pour needle to deliver an elevated wine experience.

All Coravin needles are stainless steel and Non stick, providing durability and easy insertion over hundreds of pours. The Premium Needle is easily identifiable by the gold color band at the base of the grip.


  • What are the primary benefits of the Premium Needle?

    The Premium Needle uses a different hole pattern than the other Coravin Needles, leveraging over 250 little holes, that are almost invisible. This needle allows for less coring of the cork and a faster pour than the original Standard Needle.

  • How can I tell which needle I have in my Coravin?

    Bands around the grip of Coravin needles are colour coded for easy reference

    Red – Faster Pour needle – 15.5 gauge

    Black – Standard needle – 16.5 gauge

    Silver – Vintage Cork needle – 18 gauge

    Gold – Premium Needle – 16.5 gauge

  • What is the difference between the Needle Clearing Tool that came with the Premium Needle vs. my Coravin System?

    The Needle Clearing Tool that came with the Premium Needle is flat on the end, which helps remove cork or wine particles from the small, almost invisible holes. The Needle Clearing Tool that came with the Coravin System is round at the end, which enables you to push cork or wine particles out through the two holes at the bottom of the needle.

  • If the holes are so small, what happens if they get clogged?

    The Premium Needle Clearing tool should correct this issue by pushing any fragments out. Additionally, regular cleaning of the Coravin System will help to prevent clogging.



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