Perlage Champagne Preservation System in Australia


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Product Description

Under development for 15 years and now in Australia, the Perlage System is for preserving opened bottles of sparkling wine. Properly used, open bottles of Champagne will keep for weeks or even months with no change in flavour profile or carbonation levels.

The Perlage System works by returning the headspace of the opened bottle to exactly the same composition and pressure of gasses that existed before the bottle was opened, by first purging the headspace of oxygen, and then repressurizing the headspace with pure carbon dioxide to the exact pressure that existed before the bottle was opened. In a sense, the bottle doesn’t “know” it’s been opened.


Here at Wine Ark we have had the pleasure of testing a unit and have been quite surprised at the results. Whilst we believe it is rather easy to find an excuse to open a bottle of bubbles (and really any time is a good time for bubbles) this unit will enable you to open those special bottles and savour them over a good period of time. Assuming you can stop at that first glass!