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Elena Gin by Vietti

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Product Description

This is a project by Elena Penna Currado and Luca Currado Vietti of the iconic Piedmont-based Vietti winery. Elena and Luca founded ‘Elena Penna Spirits’ as a means of exploring their shared love of artisanal spirits and to honour the heritage of their respective families.

Elena Gin is a spirit of regional provenance and features native botanicals from the Italian Alps of Piedmont including juniper berries, almonds, Langhe thyme, coriander seeds, black elderflower, Angelica, wild mint, chamomile, cassia bark, and the peel and flowers of organically-grown citrus fruits from the Ligurian hills bordering Piedmont. Made in small batches, Elena Gin is produced using two heirloom wood-fired pot stills from the 18th century that were refurbished for production.

Crystal clear with a slightly smoky colour due to the infusion of natural herbs and wood-fired distillation. Marked notes of juniper, with overtones of myrtle and slightly citrusy aromatic herbs.

As only natural herbs and infusions are used, the oily sensation that fills the mouth lingers on the palate, meaning much less is required for mixing with tonic than other types of gin.

Elena suggests pairing with a neutral tonic, however, we prefer a Mediterranean tonic water. Very small quantities have arrived in Australia. Grab one today!